Having a day in and day our a constant inflow of purchase invoices in your e-mail and organizing them for sending over to accounting can be challenging.
Get tough when something gets lost.

Fizure makes the process easy. You can organize paper receipts and invoices when you receive them, or one-click sort your invoices in Outlook, without a single download or folder created. Here's how.

Microsoft Outlook Add-in for organizing purchase invoices in e-mail

Install Fizure Outlook Add-In from Microsoft Add-In store.
The Add-in enables organizing a purchase invoice just in a couple of clicks and attaches it to individual projects. You can even send the document to the site engineer for approval in one click.
You can install the Add-in for your Outlook web version. Once it's installed on the web version, it'll automatically install on the desktop version.

How to use Fizure Outlook Add-in
Open the e-mail with the attached invoice. Click Fizure Add-In on the top right corner, select the project or projects to which the invoice corresponds to and click submit.
The next time you log on Fizure, you see the uploaded invoices under the "Files" tab.

Use Android and iOS apps to scan and organize paper receipts and invoices 

You can install the app from GooglePlay or from AppStore.

Everyone who knows how to take photos and share on Facebook can handle to the mobile app.
Just take a photo via your mobile camera, click the sharing button, select Fizure, select the project you want to attach it to and click Submit.
Similarly, you can forward invoices from your mobile e-mail client right when you receive them. 

Organize your files via Google Chrome Extension

Install your Google Chrome Extension and organize your purchase invoices without leaving your browser.

Click the Extension icon on the top right of your browser page, select the project which the invoice corresponds to and browse files.

Let subcontractors email bills to your Fizure project

When you open your project "Files" tab, you'll see an e-mail address. This address is unique to each individual project and when you send an e-mail with an attached invoice on the address, the invoice will be automatically uploaded on Fizure and will pop up under the "Files" list. You can see the e-mail content under the "Comment" column.

Let everyone in your team upload the purchase invoices on Fizure

You can let everyone in your project team to upload Files on Fizure using the previously described tools.
Just go to project Settings and share the project with your team members and everyone can upload the purchase invoices on Fizure when and where they happen.

No more sending back and forth e-mails with your team members and no more collecting paper receipts.

Next time you log on Fizure, you'll see the who uploaded the invoices, when they were uploaded and can see all attached notes.

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