Fizure makes it easy to create, manage and approve subcontractor pay applications. 

The subcontractors can submit their monthly progress online via Fizure.

Without the need to double-check for data entry errors, the project managers can approve or disapprove pay applications with a single click.

Note that we're using the terms "pay application", "commitment" and "subcontractor progress payment" as synonyms.

How to create a pay application in Fizure

To create a pay applications template the project manager just needs to create a new contract and enter the contract documents and terms.

Click on Contracts and then click "Add a new contract".

Upload all contract documents, select or enter a new subcontractor and add contract details.

How to send subcontractors the Pay Application templates

A) The project manager can send the pay application template by opening a contract and then clicking the "Send commitment template".

B) The subcontractors request for pay applications online by filling in your company-specific form.

How do the subcontractors submit the pay applications?

Once the pay application template is received on e-mail, the subcontractor receives an automatic e-mail, one click on the big blue button.

Submitting pay applications is free of charge for the subcontractors and doesn't require additional login.

By clicking "Submit Your Commitment", Fizure automatically opens the subcontractor pay application template.

The subcontractor enters the amount of work completed, and can add Change Orders by clicking add "Extra Work".

When the monthly progress information is entered, the the subcontractor clicks "Submit".

How do project managers review and approve Pay Applications on Fizure?

When the subcontractor has submitted the pay application, Fizure sends an automatic e-mail update to the project manager for notifying that a new pay application has been submitted.

When the project manager logs on Fizure, he can see on dashboard the financial value of pay applications that need to be approved.

When you open the project, you see a red indicator on the top menu indicating that a new pay application is waiting for review.

When the project manager opens the pay application, he can check the contracted costs, previous payments, currently submitted and how much is still free in the budget.

How to disapprove pay applications?

When reviewing the pay application, and it needs reviewing, just add the comment in the comment section and click "Reject commitment".

Once the pay application and change orders are approved click "Commitment Confirm Message" to send the approval message along with a PDF statement of the approved pay application on Subcontractor e-mail.

The subcontractors can submit the invoice online through the pay application approval message.

The invoice can be approved by the project manager with a single click so the whole pay application process until approving costs requires no manual data entry. And once done the approved costs are sent straight to accounting and the budget is automatically updated.

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